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Lil Miss Hayley's first Band throughout 2007 was an all girl 6 piece swing band made up of school friends all aged 13/14 Most of them had no idea what kind of music the Swing Jazz and Rhythm & Blues was but it's certainly different! Taking musical influences from Ruth Brown, Ella Mae Morse, Imelda May, Maria Vincent, Sophie Garner & many more. But the Jive Aces being their main inspiration to go for it!

After supporting Juke Joint Jump at Get in the Swing's spring dance in Royston the Girls were asked to play at the Jive Aces Summertime Swing Event in East Grinstead in July and again supporting the Jive Aces at Get in the swing's Hop 'til U drop dance in Biggleswde that September, they were offered several gigs but were unable to comit to them!

The Meridian School in Royston which the girls attended, were very encouraging giving them their own slots in school concerts. Unfortunately the band only lasted just over a year & gave up through school commitments & exams.